My momma says that everybody and their dog blogs. I wasn't writing a single solitary thing, but I'm correcting that right now. When momma got me she named me The Pink Party Poodle for Peace, now I guess I'm The Pink Party Poodle for Peace Pontificating. My pontification of the day is to tell you that the purpose of life is to have fun, hee, hee, and chase lizards. I love to chase lizards--never catch them though, they taste like rotten toes.

I'm Thinking

I'm Thinking

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A New Home--Same People, Different House

Looks like me when I was a young squirt, I was a little bigger and a little creamer in color, but just as cute.

I haven’t written for a while because it has been in turmoil around here. I haven’t let it upset me too  much though—as long as I am with Mom everything is ship-shape.

We moved—that was fun. Not so much for Daughter Dear and Mom, but Bear and I settled into the truck, with a cat crawling over us, and Little Boy Darling strapped into his car seat beside Bear and we made it from California to Oregon—took us four days. Hotels are fun. We sniff for evidence of other dogs that have left behind scents—you wouldn’t believe—the world is one big smell fest.

And then in Oregon we looked for houses and stayed with Daughter and Natasha her dog who runs over me—hey, I’m a little dog and not too fast on my feet.  Handy that I’m a small dog—in the truck I can nestle down between Daughter Dear, lay my head on Mom’s thigh, and the world slips by until a McDonald’s sign flashes past my vision and I send psychic signals to mom to stop. McDonald’s has the best water, and if I ask really nice I get a hamburger or a chicken fillet.

We found a lovely house where the frog’s sing at night. (No lizards though.) We’re  settled in.

So now, what’s next?!!!